Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A-Thug Live Show CD on CDBABY.COM

The Electric - A -Thug Does it Again With his Hot New Album "A-Thug Live Show."  Funk Flex Set The Tone Early As The New York Mogul Raises The Stakes In The Music Industry With his His Single "Black Power."

"I Said it, Then I Meant it ... Did A Couple of Bids But Now I Rep For The Kids." - A-Thug [Black Power]

A- Thug Does Inface represent for the kids. Megastar Brand Kids was founded by A-Thug. It is a studio program Dedicated to Educating Kids on Buisness and Music.

"A-Thug Live" also features King T on the popular Strip Club Anthem "Drill on That" which is flodding the hip hop Airwaves. 

Visit A-Thug & King T ON 125th Street, infront of the Kiss Jewelry Store vending custom clothes and Music. 

"Henny D" is a laid back vibe that is present on this banging album.
 "MegaStar Money" is a loud and electrifying  statement record from the artist A-Thug

Find A-Thug and King T on 125th Street , posted in front of the Kiss Jewelry Store, selling custom Hats, Hoodies and Music.

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